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Building a Movement

We invest in screened stocks and bonds, community loan funds and alternative private equity. We tailor each portfolio to reflect that person behind the portfolio, and we work in coalition with strategic community organizers and other investors to amplify the voice of that investor in the community. Through coordinated action, we are able to enlarge the positive footprint of our investments. Coalitions created financial pressure on South Africa to end Apartheid for decades leading up to its end in 1994. Networked investors have used coordinated investments to invest $50 million into stabilizing the homes for individuals victimized in the foreclosure crisis.

The popular movement Slow Money epitomizes this philosophy of investing for a living return. When we recognize the potential of this approach, our investments can enhance our lives rather than detract from them. Too often, money and investments are a source of stress and consternation for individuals. We therefore look to empower our clients to align their investments with their values in a way that will be meaningful in their lives.

We find networks to be an invaluable part of this work. Here are a few important resources:

United for a Fair Economy: Mike Lapham
21st Century Foundation
Resource Generation
Slow Money: Michael Bartner
Social Investment Forum
ICCR: Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility


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